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From knowledge to execution

It is not enough to know- You also have to use
It is not enough to want – You also have to do
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

SigmaRC believes that in depth knowledge and broad experience are prerequisites for providing effective support to our customers. This is reflected in the letters RC in our company’s name which stand for Research (based) Corporation. Knowledge is a result of research, and applied knowledge leads to new or improved products or processes. New, proprietary products assure a sustainable market presence.

Dr. Hans Schmotzer has an extensive track record in scientific publications, presentations and invited seminar contributions. He holds a Visiting Professorship at the University of Bath, UK.

Dr. Hans Schmotzer has since 1984, worked in the orthopaedic and dental device industries in senior R&D management positions. He joined Plus Orthopedics during its start-up phase and made significant contributions to its product portfolio and to its strategic development in research, product development and scientific marketing. At Nobel Biocare he consolidated the distributed R&D teams into a focused and streamlined R&D organisation.